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Singapore is an excellent jurisdiction if you are looking for a country to start your business. It has a high reputation in the business world, and you will be able to take advantage of its excellent infrastructure, flexible pro-business laws, and robust banking sector. In addition, if you set up a business related to rejuvenation procedures, massage, spa and cosmetic services, health and beauty, you have every chance to succeed. All you need is to incorporate a company, open a bank account, obtain the required license, buy or rent suitable premises, and engage professionals in the sphere. Buy the materials and equipment you need and launch an advertising campaign – and you are sure to succeed!

Launching a Business in Singapore: Main Requirements

You can set up a company in Singapore incredibly quickly – sometimes in a matter of 24 hours! This is possible if you know all the nuances, though, so most people decide to delegate the procedure to professionals. However, you can venture on your own as well, but keep in mind that you will need the assistance of third-party residents anyway – or you will not be able to register a Singapore company.

Here are the main requirements you will have to meet to start a company:

  • You have to be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must have all the required skills.
  • You should have no history of convictions or other problems with the law.
  • You must have a valid local passport or a work permit.

There are two categories of beauty salons in Singapore, and corporate requirements will depend on the category you choose. 

Category I beauty salons have no fixed working hours or age restrictions, and they can hire foreign experts. Here are the requirements they have to comply with:

  • At least 80% of employees have to be licensed in accordance with the ME Act.
  • The paid-up capital must equal at least SGD 50,000.
  • The premises must be rented for no less than 2 years or have an area of at least 100 square meters.
  • You must be accredited by CaseTrust.

Category II beauty salons are required to be located away from schools, hospitals, and residential areas. The employees working there must be Singapore or Malaysian citizens only. Here are the rest of the requirements to be met:

  • The uniform worn by company employees must be approved by PLRD.
  • The norms of the premises must be complied with.
  • Employees engaged in massage services provision are required to undergo a mandatory medical screening.
  • The requirements for premises are the same as for Category I.
  • In the same way, the beauty salon must be accredited by CaseTrust.

Here are the basic requirements for the specialists who can work in your salon:

  • They must have a diploma with a CIBTAC profile, with SPA, pathology, anatomy, physiology, and massage being the priority areas.
  • They must possess a CIDESCO professional diploma.
  • In addition, they have to be holders of ITEC profile diplomas, with beauty and body massage being the priority areas.
  • They are required to comply with the demands set by the national qualification system.
  • Finally, they must have one of Singapore’s ITE certifications, with cosmetic therapy and aesthetics being the top priorities. A professional development certificate issued by ITE will do.

Premises and Staff: Overview

The premises you are going to use for your beauty salon are of utmost importance. The local requirements for beauty companies are benevolent and strict at the same time, which means that the selection, preparation, and renovation of premises is a serious and responsible area. Singapore officials are extremely strict when it comes to obeying the rules, and you will be charged with a criminal offense if you try to bribe them in any way.

Here is the list of main requirements for the premises:

  • No systems that alert the employees about the arrival of police or regulatory authorities.
  • No blocking systems or devices to be used in procedure and massage rooms.
  • The numbers of all rooms must be indicated on the layout.
  • Massage rooms must not contain any interior items or furniture that prevent free access or inspection of the premises.
  • You are required to have No Entry signs to designate staff break areas and prevent them from being visited by customers and visitors.
  • Male and female areas must be clearly separated.

Here are the demands to be fulfilled by the staff:

  • Some staff members (such as massage specialists and foot reflexologists) are required to undergo a regular medical check-up.
  • They must have special permission from the licensing department.
  • All foreigners who sign an employment contract with a Singapore beauty salon are required to have a local work permit.
  • Depending on the beauty salon category, it can engage local or foreign specialists.

Beauty Salon Licensing

Many people are of the opinion that a license is issued automatically if you decide to open a beauty salon in Singapore, but this is not true. A business that intends to provide nail, reflexology, massage, and other beauty services is required to get a license first under the Massage Establishment Act.

Category I and II salons will need different licenses. You will need to comply with all demands for the respective category, including staff, premises, and so on.

Starting a Business in Singapore

Let’s look at the main requirements for any company registered in Singapore, beauty salon included:

  • The company must have at least 1 shareholder, an individual or a legal entity.
  • You can start with any capital (it can be SGD 1).
  • You are required to appoint at least one local director. The best option at the initial stage is to use the nominee service.
  • The director bears full responsibility under the Singapore Companies Act.
  • The director’s and shareholder’s positions may be combined by one person.
  • You must have a legal address for your company.
  • You are required to hire a company secretary, and he or she must be a resident of Singapore only with a sufficient professional qualification level.

Interested in receiving more information? Do not hesitate to follow the above link to find more details related to opening a beauty salon in Singapore – and discuss all possible problems with an expert at no fee. We wish you luck with your business endeavors!

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