Best Tech for Building Your Own Home Office


An up-to-date home office setup is crucial for those working from home. Even if they’re not committing to their daily job from the comfort of their home, having a home office is a welcome addition to the look and feel of the house. And we’re here to help you do this. 

Not only does having a home office help with the overall aesthetics of your place but it also adds a sense of professionalism. Whether you’re making the switch from working a desk job at a corporate company or are a freelancer who’d like to streamline their workflows at home, we’ve got you.

Let’s dive into our listicle that explores some of the most helpful tech for building your own home office.

Logitech C920e Business Webcam

Working from home means you’ll be engaging in lots of online meetings. On Zoom or otherwise, and for this to go smoothly you’ll need a viable webcam. Logitech stays ahead of the game by offering just what you need with its C920e webcam series. These cameras mean business. They’re simple, easy to hook up on top of your laptop/desktop, and have 1080p resolution right out of the box so you can enjoy your dealings with ease.

The only other thing you’d need for a smooth meeting experience is an active internet connection. You probably have internet but do you have one that dismisses any chances of lag? Consider investing in AT&T Internet, a service offered by one of the top telecommunication network companies available in the US. Not only will this guarantee you get a good deal on your network, but it will also safeguard your work from any unwanted interruptions. 

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Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Want to invest in a good pair of headphones but don’t want to burn a hole through your wallet? Wyze has you covered. The company’s latest noise-canceling headphones take to the skies with their affordable price and impeccable noise-canceling capabilities. The battery on these babies is quite good as well and will last you a whole day with nominal usage. 

If you’re looking for a decent pair of headsets in black that tick mark all the requirements of a worthy sound device, this is it.

Google Nest Hub

If you frequently find yourself with your hands full, perhaps getting a voice assistant (among other things) won’t be such a bad idea. The Google Nest Hub offers a simple yet effective solution to getting a hands-free device that keeps you updated on stuff like the weather, sports, performs spelling checks, and even talks to you when you’re bored.

It’s a one-stop shop for getting your things sorted, setting reminders, and checking your emails without even having to bat an eye toward it. You can even place calls and listen/send messages. It’s an all-in-one package built specifically for stay-at-home heroes, like you!

Simplehuman Cleanstation phone sanitizer

Let’s face it, you’re at home, you’re bound to do things in your free time that aren’t exactly work-related. Walking your dog at 10 a.m., baking a cake, going for a drive round the block to pick up groceries while you wait for your client to respond back. These are all the things that can happen between a regular 9-5 and your phone is bound to pick up some grease and sweat as you go about your processes.

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The Simplehuman Cleanstation realizes just how dirty and icky your phone can get when you’re handling it along with several other tasks. Don’t let the germs build up. Give your phone a nice wash inside this sanitizer with 30 high-intensity UV-C LED lights killing up to 99% of germs infesting its surface. All within a crisp 30-second timeframe. Be amazed. Be very amazed. 

Jarvis Bamboo Standing desk

Sitting all the time can have lasting health hazards. Ones that we certainly would not want to creep up on you. The Jarvis Bamboo Standing desk gives a firm nod to a healthy lifestyle by giving desk workers a reason to stand up. If you tend to stand for long periods and feel the onset of back pain, then quickly make this purchase. For both your health and the aesthetic peace the bamboo finish brings along with it. 

Asus ProArt PA348CGV

If you’re going all in and getting the very best stuff then you really don’t want to skimp on your screen. Asus provides a worthy monitor for a pleasurable viewing experience with its ProArt PA348CGV. Sounds a bit like the value of pi. Anyway, this monitor is a beast. It comes with a wide color gamut, plenty of horizontal screen space, and great connectivity options. This device is a fantastic buy for those looking to get a device that stays within the midrange bracket but offers premium features. 


That’s a wrap for all the tech we have for you today. Building your own office space can be a tad bit tricky but with our guidance and your undying enthusiasm, we’re positive you can conjure up a setting that you will be proud of. Good luck and keep checking on these devices whenever they go on sale!

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