What Are Some Ways You Can Use Handmade Plates?


Handcrafted plates that are forged with creativity and uniqueness surpass their usual function. These distinct pieces invite innovation, offering numerous creative applications beyond being used for serving meals. Their designs and personal feel make them adaptable elements in the interior design of any home.

Whether being used to enhance plain walls with an artistic touch or acting as practical storage for keys and other small accessories, each plate showcases the artisan’s craftsmanship and allure. Their appeal transcends dining tables, reshaping rooms with their beauty.

Their unique craftsmanship and artistic designs make them suitable for various applications Including:

Dining Experiences

Handmade plates are carefully crafted and have distinctive designs that elevate the dining experience. Whether you use them for everyday meals or for special occasions, they add a personalized touch to your table setting. Their individuality can enhance the presentation of culinary creations, making meals feel more special.

Decorative Displays

You can adorn your walls or shelves with handmade plates from Supper Club to enhance your home decor. Arrange them artistically in clusters or use plate hangers to create a gallery-style display. The plates’ intricate patterns and colors can serve as captivating focal points, adding artistic flair to any room.

Functional Wall Mounts

Repurpose small plates as functional wall mounts for organizing everyday items such as keys, jewelry, or small accessories. By affixing hooks or small knobs onto the plates, you can create aesthetically pleasing yet practical displays in various spaces around your home.

Candle Holders

Utilize larger, flat handmade plates as unique candle holders. Placing pillar candles or tea lights on these plates offers a functional purpose and showcases the plates’ craftsmanship while creating an ambient atmosphere.

Plant Saucers

Employing small to medium-sized handmade plates as plant saucers serves not only to protect surfaces from water but also to add an artistic aspect to indoor gardening. These plates, embellished with distinct designs and craftsmanship, enhance the aesthetic appeal of potted plants, becoming delightful embellishments in your home. Their uniqueness enriches the plants, transforming plant care into an artistic statement and cultivating an aesthetically pleasing indoor garden environment that harmonizes beautifully with your living space.

Serve Snacks or Desserts

During gatherings or intimate occasions, showcase the beauty of handmade plates by using them to serve snacks, fruits, nuts, or desserts. The plates’ designs enhance the presentation of the food, making it visually appealing.

Multi-Purpose Trays

Larger handmade plates can be repurposed as multi-functional trays. Use them to serve drinks and appetizers or as catch-alls for keys, coins, and other small items. Their size and unique designs make them both practical and visually appealing.


With their innovative versatility, handmade plates breathe new life into the mundane. Their crafted touch revolutionizes the ordinary, transforming everyday objects into captivating functional décor. Whether presenting delicious treats in style, as fashionable wall adornments, or organizing essentials seamlessly, these plates exude artistry and allure.

Beyond their primary function, handcrafted plates and other items inspire creativity and uniqueness in every niche. These ideas can make the most of these beautifully crafted pieces, transforming them into functional, decorative, and aesthetically pleasing elements throughout your living spaces.

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