Short Guide on Shipping to the United Kingdom by Meest


Most people use international shipping services to send and receive goods and cargo between countries. Meest America is one of the most famous and successful companies providing fast shipping to United Kingdom and other European countries from the USA. Recently, it has significantly increased its presence in the market. Grab step-by-step instructions on how to send a parcel with Meest below.

What Is the Procedure for Shipping to United Kingdom from America with Meest?

The company is pleased to inform customers about the popular Meest Portal service. This online platform allows you to create your account and manage your cooperation with the company. It’s very convenient to have everything at hand!

So, after registering on the Meest Portal, the procedure for delivery from USA to UK is as follows:

  1. Create a parcel indicating all its details. By showing the exact weight and dimensions of the box, the system will prompt you to select possible delivery options.
  2. Choose the best delivery options based on price and timing.
  3. Remember the declaration, specifying what you are sending and to whom.
  4. Pay and use the number to follow your package.
  5. Await updates regarding the cargo’s delivery.

How to Measure a Parcel Correctly

Let us remind you that packages weighing up to 30 kg (66 lb) can be shipped from the United States to the United States. The math is very straightforward: the package’s weight will determine how much it will cost to send. However, what about large cargo? After all, it is essential to consider that even a light but large package requires some space during the carrier’s transport.

To make it easier for the client to calculate the volume of his box, the company suggests using the following formula:

Length (inches) x Width (inches) x Height (inches) / 139.

Visit for more information on how to send a package to UK from USA.

Benefits of Cooperation with Meest

Meest shipping offers many benefits, making postage to England from the USA more attractive than other shipping companies.

  • Reliable. She has extensive experience in transporting international cargo and can guarantee safety and compliance with deadlines.
  • It is available in many countries and allows customers to receive goods from America to Europe and Asia. It offers different types of services to transport different types of cargo. Delivery can be carried out by road, plane, or sea.
  • Easy to use. The company’s website offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface and the most convenient Meest Portal platform, which allows customers to track the process and monitor all stages of transportation easily.

So, Meest Carrier offers many advantages, making it more attractive than its competitors. It is reliable, available in many countries, and easy to use.

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