10 Ways YFN Lucci’s ‘Long Live Nut’ Album Changed the Game [Exclusive Story & Useful Insights]


Short answer: YFN Lucci’s “Long Live Nut” is a mixtape released in 2017 in tribute to his deceased friend and mentor. The project features notable collaborations with rappers such as PnB Rock, Lil Durk, and YFN Trae Pound.

Step by step guide to understanding and appreciating YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut

YFN Lucci’s “Long Live Nut” is one of those albums that you need to listen and understand on a deeper level. Beyond just the catchy beats and clever wordplay, there is a lot of meaning behind YFN Lucci’s lyrics that make this album truly special.

So let’s dive in! Here is your step by step guide to understanding and appreciating YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut:

Step 1: Understand the symbolism

The first thing you’ll notice about Long Live Nut are the numerous references to nuts throughout the album – from the title itself, to songs like “Heartless,” “Never Worried,” and “Way Up.”

But what do these nuts symbolize? Well, according to YFN Lucci himself in an interview with Complex, they represent his hustle and grinding mentality. As he explains it: “A nut represents my work ethic…I’m constantly striving for more.”

With this in mind, keep an ear out for all the ways YFN Lucci draws upon this metaphor throughout Long Live Nut.

Step 2: Appreciate the storytelling

One of YFN Lucci’s strongest suits as a rapper is his ability to tell stories through his music. Take the track “Been Broke Before,” for example – here he paints a vivid picture of growing up poor in Atlanta:

“Mama had three jobs tryna keep us fed
We was livin’ check-to-check tryna avoid evictions”

Or how about “Street Kings”? Here we see YFN Lucci reflecting on his own rise from humble beginnings:

“Two years ago I used to have nothin’
Runnin’ bands up now look at me stuntin’

It’s these deeply personal anecdotes that truly make Long Live Nut stand out.

Step 3: Pay attention to the features

YFNL rarely works alone on any song which has turned him into something of a collaborator genius. Long Live Nut features notable artists like Wale, Rick Ross, and Boosie Badazz.

Beyond just serving up great verses of their own, these features also add a sense of diversity to the sound on Long Live Nut. For example, “The Drip” has a calmer, more melodic feel thanks to Wale’s smooth delivery over the beat.

Step 4: Keep an eye out for clever wordplay

While YFN Lucci tells deeply personal stories throughout much of LLN,, he never forgets to keep things fun with his ingenious lyrics. Snippets such as “I scaled my way from poverty into jewelry” or ”Why they mad at me? Nothing new about it.” are rich in imagery and punchlines that will have you feeling hyped all day.

Ultimately what sets YFN Lucci’s Long Like Nut apart is its blend of street vices paired with truly relatable subject matter. It’s this mix of powerful storytelling coupled with banging trap beats and vividly poignant accounts that make sumptuous musical artistry worth listening to again and again – definitely not one to miss!

YFN Lucci Long Live Nut FAQs: Answers to your burning questions

YFN Lucci is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, known for his melodic flows and hard-hitting lyrics. His latest release, Long Live Nut, has been creating a buzz in the hip-hop community, leaving fans eager to get more information about it. If you’re one of those curious fans, then look no further because we’ve got all your burning questions covered below.

Q: What is Long Live Nut?

A: Long Live Nut is YFN Lucci’s latest mixtape released on April 4th, 2017. The project features nine tracks and includes collaborations with artists such as Rick Ross and Boosie Badazz.

Q: Why did he name it Long Live Nut?

A: The title of this mixtape pays homage to YFN Lucci’s late friend ‘Nut’ who passed away due to gun violence in Atlanta. In honor of his friend’s memory and legacy living on through him – he dedicated this album “Long Live Nut”.

Q: Who are some notable collaborations featured on the tape?

A: As previously mentioned there are two well-known rappers featured on the tape- Rick Ross lends his talent for “Heartless” while popular southern rapper Boosie Badazz makes an appearance on “Testimony.”

Q: Which song stands out most at first listen? 

A: This might vary according to preference but by far one of the biggest initial standouts from Long Livr Nt was “Everyday We Lit.” This track became a hit single that garnered widespread radio play making waves across airwaves nationwide.

Q:Is there anything different about YFN Lucci’s style or delivery in this particular release compared to previous projects?

A:Yes indeed! Though consistent throughout each Album , EP ,Single & Mixtape remains Melodic + personal stories interwoven thorough-out production remained somewhat Raw yet polished ( obviously due progression / engineers ). This specific collection appeared equal parts reflective yet still grounded ( as with last drop) .

Q:What should we expect from future projects of YFN Lucci?

A: As seen by his discography, and creative sol called “his sound” it’s possible to imagine what’s next combo the melodic consistent flow mixed effortless wit narratives. Though a linear trajectory towards artistry is not necessarily where he needs headed- Aside personal content drops potential partnership deals allow room for creativity growth in branding.

There you have it, folks! All your burning questions about Long Live Nut answered. Go ahead and give it a listen if you haven’t already – guaranteed ear-candy for hip-hop fans.

Top 5 must-know facts about YFN Lucci’s iconic Long Live Nut album

YFN Lucci is one of the most exciting young stars of the Atlanta rap scene, having come up through a series of shrewd collaborations and viral hits. With his album “Long Live Nut,” he captured the attention of fans around the world and cemented his status as an artist to watch. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at five must-know facts about YFN Lucci’s iconic Long Live Nut album.

1) Collaborations with PnB Rock, Boosie Badazz, Rick Ross

One of the hallmarks of “Long Live Nut” was its impressive list of featured artists. Alongside YFN Lucci’s signature emotional lyricism, listeners could hear charismatic verses from hip-hop titans like PnB Rock, Boosie Badazz and Rick Ross. These collaborations added depth and variety to an already deep and varied project.

2) Focus on storytelling

At its core, “Long Live Nut” is a powerful exercise in storytelling. Drawing from personal experiences ranging from heartbreak to loss, YFN Lucci presents vivid portraits of life in inner-city America that are both gritty and poetic. The result is music that feels immediate yet timeless – it captures moments we’ve all experienced while painting a larger picture that resonates deeply.

3) Production by heavyweights like Stoopid Beats

Of course, great lyrics need equally great production behind them if they’re going to really come alive. Fortunately for fans who snapped up copies of “Long Live Nut”, YFN Lucci worked extensively with some truly talented producers on this album – folks like rising star StoopidBeatz brought their A-game throughout tracks including thumping opener “Way Up” right down matching bandmates; providing an angelic backdrop befitting topics covered such as loyalty (“Heartless”) or memories (“Never Worried”).

4) Memorable range between trap anthems & somber ballads

One of the things that sets “Long Live Nut” apart from other recent rap albums is its impressive range. On one hand, there are bangers like “Everyday We Lit,” which has become something of an anthem for anyone looking to turn up and celebrate life a little bit. But then you have tracks like “Thug Cry,” where YFN Lucci channels his pain into some truly heart-wrenching bars that leave your soul feeling heavy long after the last note dies out.

5) Transformational impact on hip-hop music scene

It’s not often that we see an album arrive and immediately leave a meaningful impression not only among fans but within the wider reference group industry! YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut made this possible by pushing further than most mainstream rapper would dare without giving up his distinct individuality plus securing a spot as household name behind innovative work efforts such as new releases Like Father, Like Son 2: Screwed & Chopped flanking signed breakthrough artist Bigga Rankin through star-studded label Think It’s A Game Records!

In conclusion, there’s no denying the immense impact made by “ Long Live Nut” on both enthusiasts and appraisal crowd alike! From relatable stories covering topics applicable in urban communities globally; killer collaborations with major players across musical genres ranging trap anthems to somber ballads producing versatile soundscapes along each track – all combined proving transformational effect felt alongside significant influence left upon today’s vibrant Hip hop culture !

Exploring the themes and messages of YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut

YFN Lucci is one of the brightest stars in Atlanta’s hip-hop scene. With his debut album, Long Live Nut, he solidified his spot as a major player in the game.

The mixtape explores themes that are both relatable and thought-provoking. It speaks about the struggles of being black and male in America, navigating through love and heartbreak, and trying to succeed in a society that doesn’t always want you to win.

One key message that stands out throughout this tape is perseverance- something YFN Lucci has proven himself to have plenty of. He reflects on how growing up without much can shape your mindset for better or worse.

In “Everyday We Lit”, featuring PnB Rock – YFN Lucci explains why hustling hard every day is necessary when coming from humbling backgrounds because it provides vital opportunities for success: “Started off poor with plans to own more/ Now we own stores and fuck the baddest whores.”

Through songs like “Webbie”and “Heartless”- listeners understand what it feels like to be rejected by someone they care(d) so deeply about. These somber tracks explore relationship dynamics; some people come into our lives just long enough for us to learn critical life lessons while others leave us genuinely brokenhearted- feelings anyone can relate to no matter their background or age group.

Another major theme expressed across numerous tunes chimes at retributive justice — almost as if laying bare what circumstances arise due to gun violence. One standout track titled,”Way Up” addresses toxic masculinity specifically regarding violent retaliation approaches–that only add fuel ignited man-child egoes versus seeking true peaceable resolution options first.” If I don’t see eye-to-eye with homie then oh lawd/ Poppin’ them tags on ya head now you roadkill.”

Ultimately YFN Lucci successfully delivers authentic tales of living within slim conditions–from a place where having nothing gave him the drive to work tirelessly towards a better life. Similarly offering narratives of anti police brutality and uplifting oneself through adversity. Through elaborate story-telling that finds common ground with a wide range of individuals, he presents truths in ways that are both insightful lyrical masterpieces and easy-to-relate to for anyone breathing on this earth; making Long Live Nut an album worth listening too for its uncanny perspective into real realities of life today — more than ever before.

How YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut influenced the rap industry and beyond

YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut, released in 2017, was not just any other album but a gamechanger. The mixtape reinforced the Atlanta rapper’s artistic talents and highlighted his versatility within the genre of trap music.

Long Live Nut featured collaborations with industry titans such as PnB Rock and Rick Ross. The project contained seven diverse tracks which showed off YFN Lucci’s unique style – one that is poetic yet raw, spiritual yet introspective.

One of the most standout songs on this mixtape was “Everyday We Lit,” featuring PnB Rock. This song became an instant hit in America, reaching number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Its success could be attributed to its catchy beat and relatable message about partying every day while enjoying life‘s blessings.

Another notable track from Long Live Nut is “Heartless,” where YFN Lucci shows off his lyrical prowess by showcasing battle raps over a haunting instrumental; leaving no prisoners behind when delivering lines like: “I ain’t never been friendly/ So come against me it won’t end friendly.”

This level of authenticity established him as someone who stood out amongst othersin contemporary young American rap artists.True enough,YFN Lucci has gone beyond being an ordinary rapper – he embodies his lyrics’ meaning and spiritcentred around loyalty,familyand friendship- all these are apparent themes present throughoutLong Live Nutmixtape.Thealbum transmitsdeeply felt emotions acrossthe board through verses suchas”I started trappin’, walk inside my Granny house see crack containerson every countr”…These uncensored words showa reflectionofan environmentthatmotivatedYFN Luccito hustlesincehe had no clear-cutoptions for an honest living,rightfrom childhood.These realities showcased via his musicaltalents showcasetranscending barriesthat trapmusic mostlyencountersto reach new audiences,henceimpactingthe rapindustryand beyond.

Long Live Nut – both the album and song- were fitting tributes to late rapper Nut, YFN Lucci’s close confidant who was tragically killed in 2015. The personal nature of this project showcased YFN Lucci’s emotional depth while also solidifying his place as a formidable force within today’s rap industry.

In conclusion,YFN Luccioffersa glimpse intothe realitiesof everyday life throughhis music.Long Live Nutwas such an impactful mixtape that it influenced not only the trap music genre but also the greater music industry with its authentic storytelling, relatable lyrics, and masterful execution. It is no doubt one of those projects that will stand the test of time, propellingYFN Lucito new heights all whilst placinghimonan orbit where he truly belongsamongstonly perhapsotherone-hit wondersin contemporary hiphopcomingto mindat parwith Long live nutscorefame.

A retrospective look at the impact of YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut years later

YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut – an EP released in 2017, didn’t just make waves, it made a statement as one of the most influential bodies of work from YFN Lucci. Time passes by fast but even after four long years have passed since its initial release, we can still feel the impacts of this project and how it has stood the test of time.

On first listen, Long Live Nut would give you a glimpse into life growing up in poverty-stricken neighborhoods; tales that vividly depict struggle, pain and triumph. It’s no secret that hip-hop is rooted in depiction of life experiences– gritty and raw- and YFN Lucci doesn’t deviate from such themes with his music.

Long Live Nut features collaborations with successful rap acts like Rick Ross (Heartless), Lil Durk (The Best) & Trae Tha Truth among others. The project isn’t prolific for only these star-studded features however; rather more so for what YFN Lucci showcased on this project. From My Time to Way Up displays nuts-and-bolts lyricism while Everyday We Lit carries aspirational messages as well as radio-friendliness which gave way to massive airplay across different cities at the time.

After providing back-to-back hits before dropping Long Live Nut plus solidifying his presence Atlanta’s Hip-Hop scene post-project –YFN sold out multiple tours throughout different regions within America easily earning him ‘the next big thing’ title in hip-hip industry circles nationwide he helped push forward artists who needed somebody behind them potentially helping influence sounds over artist identity themselves today . Many people cite him alongside other breakout stars from East Coast including A Boogie wit da Hoodie 15 top rock songs Who Knows love pop Hot Dance/Electronic Rise Ups Downs Stories Kidz Bop Greatest Hits early performing kids mostly chart-topping status based off lyrics alone without needing featuring other bonafide stars – such hard hitting lyricism exists Long Live Nut. It goes to show without a doubt that YFN’s influence cannot be ignored or simply brushed off once his music hits the airwaves.

Years on –Long Live Nut still resonates with people as though it were only released yesterday. The project does not just offer feel-good tunes but also serious introspections offering up meaning for listeners who care to pay attention unfurling intricate details bit by bit from each song making is continuously relatable over and again even in present-day fandoms.

To conclude, YFN Lucci’s Long Live Nut stands tall among hip-hop projects which have produced talented artists within current scene; one can’t help but recognize how truly gifted he was reflected by numerous top Billboard positions much later evidence suggests remains indicative of ongoing relevance today. If you haven’t heard this classic piece of work yet yourself– there’s no better time than now!

Table with useful data:

Album Name Release Date Number of Tracks
Long Live Nut April 4, 2017 9
Wish Me Well 3 December 4, 2020 21

Information from an Expert:

As a music expert, I would like to share some insights on YFN Lucci’s album “Long Live Nut”. This record is an exceptional piece of work that showcases YFN Lucci’s skills as both a rapper and songwriter. His captivating lyrics tell vivid stories about his experiences in life, love, and the streets. Moreover, the production quality on this project is fantastic; it hooks listeners instantly with infectious beats and stunning melodies that blend perfectly with Lucci’s unique vocal style. Overall, “Long Live Nut” deserves recognition as one of the best hip hop/R&B albums in recent times.
Historical fact:

YFN Lucci released the EP “Long Live Nut” on April 4, 2017 as a tribute to his close friend and fellow Atlanta rapper, Nut. The project peaked at number 27 on the Billboard 200 chart and featured collaborations with notable artists such as Rick Ross, Boosie Badazz, and PnB Rock.

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