What Size Lug Nuts Does a Subaru Require?


Introduction to Subaru Lug Nut Sizes – What You Need to Know

Are you in the market for new lug nuts? Have you considered all that goes into making sure they fit your Subaru vehicle? Selecting the right size lug nuts is important to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance for your wheels. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to find just what you need. This guide will walk you through all the basics of Subaru lug nut sizes, from thread size to length and depth, so you can be sure you make the best choice for your car or SUV.

When shopping for Subaru lug nut set replacements, it’s essential to know what type of thread size your vehicle requires. This can usually be determined by looking at your vehicle handbook or checking online for specific information about your model. The common thread sizes found on Subarus range from 12mm x 1.25mm up to 22mm x 1.5mm, though some models require M12 x 1.5mm thread applications as well. It’s also important to consider any additional components such as aftermarket brakes or rotors that may require larger than average threads.

Once the correct thread size has been identified, another key factor is identifying the right length and depth combination needed to properly secure each wheel together with its hub assembly and axle studs/bolts if applicable – this varies based on individual vehicles but an incorrect sizing could cause serious damage if used incorrectly made a replacement again required pre-maturely! Common lengths available most commonly between 20-30 mm (in increments of 5 mm) depending on whether conical/tapered seat or radius seat designs are chosen – with depths ranging between 10 and 18 mm (in increments of 2 mm). Longer threaded nuts may be necessary with special spacers when using alloy wheels designed with deep centre etches/depths; check manufacturer recommendations before making a selection!

Finally, could look towards special locking lug bolts designed specifically for Subaru models that always come in sets which must

How Do I Measure My Subaru Lug Nut Size?

Having the right size and type of lug nut for your Subaru is important, both to ensure optimal performance and to keep your vehicle safe. Your Subaru’s lug nuts must match the vehicle’s wheel size, stud thread pitch and seat style. To measure such information accurately and accurately identify your lug nut size you will need three main tools: a ruler, calipers and a thread pitch gauge.

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Start by measuring the diameter of the wrench that fits on the nut. Measure the outside diameter with a ruler or slide caliper and look for the number in millimeters – usually something like 22mm or 24mm. This measurement is important because it helps determine appropriate lug nuts in different sizes from other vehicles that may have compatible stud thread pitches (the screw pattern threads) with yours but not necessarily a compatible diameter.

Next, measure or count how many holes are present for each mounting bolt using a ruler then note how far apart they are spaced from center-to-center, once again taking note whether this measurement is given in millimeters or inches. This tells you which type of thread pitch pattern – commonly referred to as ‘stud pattern’ – matches up with your Subaru model’s wheels; For example, some Subarus use a 5x114mm stud pattern while others use an 8×6.5 inch one.

Finally, determine what lug nut seat style is used on your vehicle’s wheels via visual inspection by looking at several samples of OEM nuts specific to your make/model; Some common examples include ball seats , McGard conical seats , shank (acorn) seats , flat base or mag seats . This tells you what sized socket/wrench will be necessary to install / remove them easily without placing excess stress onto potential broken off pieces inside the threads due to overtightening from incorrect tools being used on them; Typically either 17mm hex or 19mm hex sockets are used depending upon application .

Once all measurements have

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Lug Nuts for Your Subaru

Choosing the right lug nuts for your Subaru is no easy task. With so many makes and models to choose from, many car enthusiasts are unsure where to start. Fortunately, we’re here to help you make an informed decision. This step-by-step guide will give you all the information you need to purchase lug nuts that are just right for your Subaru.

Step 1: Measure Your Wheels’ Bolt Pattern

The first thing you’ll want to do when selecting Lug Nuts for your Subaru is take some measurements of your vehicle’s wheel bolt pattern. All Subaru’s have a 5×114 bolt pattern which means there are 5 bolts holes spaced 114mm apart. It’s important to measure this exactly as there may be other vehicles with the same bolt pattern but different specs on their lug nuts, so getting this measurement correct is paramount for a great fit and look.

Step 2: Consider Your Wheel Style

Now that you have taken measurements of your wheel bolt pattern, it’s time to think about aesthetics! Subaru usually offers three different styles of wheels – spoke wheels, alloys, and diamonds cut alloys – so keep this in mind when shopping around for Lug Nuts. Different materials can require unique types of Lug Nuts; especially if those materials are prone cracking and corrosion over time, like some alloys or steel wheels tend too.

Step 3: Select Your Lug Nut Size

Once you’ve considered what type of wheel style (spoke wheel, alloy wheel) your Subaru has, it’s time to pick the right size Lug Nut! The most common sizes prescribed by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) include M12x1.25 and M14x1.50TPI (Threads per Inch). However, occasionally special applications call for larger or smaller lug nut sizes – such as old classic cars with large and hefty 15” wheels requiring 8” lug nuts or even tiny 12” spoked rims

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Frequently Asked Questions About Subaru Lug Nut Sizes

There has never been a more pressing question than, “What size lug nuts do I need for my Subaru?” Well have no fear! We are here to answer all of your Subaru lug nut size questions.

First and foremost, it is important to know that the bolt pattern you will be looking for is 5×114.3 mm in diameter. Depending on the trim level, year and make of your specific model, lug nut sizes can vary. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consult with a local mechanic or auto parts store in order to get an exact matchup before purchasing new lug nuts.

When looking at what size lug nuts fit a Subaru, the standard size or factory spec most commonly used is a M12x1.25mm conical/tapered seat style lug nut (sometimes referred to as 60 Degrees Conical Seat). Subarus typically either come with 16 or 17mm hex sizes with this type of lug nut setup. Besides this configuration, some aftermarket wheels require larger sized lugs such as M14x1.5 pigalle locks which utilize 19mm hex lugs with cone washers and additional security features such as locking bolts or helicoils. It is important to note that if you are changing out your factory lugs for larger lugs such as these it can void the warranty so be sure that you consult with a knowledgeable source before doing so!

It must also be mentioned when discussing wheel changeouts and swaps around Subarus especially WRX models from years 2008 – 2013 that there has been reports of wheel studs breaking due to increased torque from oversized over torqued lugs being placed mated too aggressively with aftermarket alloy/custom wheels resulting in wheel separation due to broken wheel hubs and studs causing irreparable damage to vehicle body paneling later on down the line trust us we’ve seen it before! Be sure to inspect your car regularly following any wheel change out

Top 5 Facts About Subaru Lug Nuts

1. While most other cars use standard size lug nuts, Subaru vehicles come with larger lugnuts than what is traditionally found on other vehicles. This helps to ensure a secure hold over the wheel and it also prevents wheel theft as the lug nuts require a specific socket to remove them.

2. A common misconception is that all Subarus have wheel locks, which are usually mounted on top of the wheels. Although some Subaru models do indeed have wheel locks, there are several others that don’t feature this type of security measure – those models will only be equipped with regular lug nuts for fastening their wheels.

3. Even though it may be tempting to save money on aftermarket or used parts, it’s always important to stick with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products when it comes to replacing your Subaru’s lug nuts. Aftermarket products won’t have been built to meet the same standards as original equipment so there’s always a chance that they could fail you in time, resulting in costly repairs and possible hazardous scenarios while you’re out driving.

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4. The torque specifications for each model can vary slightly based on production year and trim level so always refer directly to your owner’s manual before proceeding any further when installing new lugs or replace an existing one. Not doing so could lead to over tightening or under tightening the critical component which could actually result in deformations and even breakages given enough time and circumstance encountered while driving down the road or highway.

5. Whenever working with big machinery like automobiles it’s important not just to pay attention but also adhere strictly safety protocol rules throughout every stage of work being done, regardless of its complexity level regardless if these pieces are small bolts like lug nuts too avoiding unnecessary injury via tools mishandling such as wrenches properly tightened thus preventing mishaps from occurring unexpectedly down the line either now or later later thus protecting oneself from potential harm .

Final Thoughts on Understanding Subaru Lug Nut Sizes

Having the right lug nut size for your Subaru is essential because it ensures safety on the road and prevents potential legal issues. Lug nuts secure the tire to the vehicle’s wheel, making them a critical element in vehicle maintenance. When selecting the correct lug nut size, it’s important to consider such factors as thread type, length of thread engagement and overall diameter of your lug nut.

Subarus have generally used a 14mm x 1.5 lug nut since 2001 (both metric and Japanese-spec vehicles). This standard size was determined by engineers to meet OEM specifications and appropriate load ratings for Subaru vehicles based on those criteria. This means that if you’re replacing the stock lugs, you should use 14mmx1.5 measurements as well unless explicitly instructed otherwise by a specialist or mechanic.

It’s very rare that lug nuts are replaced directly with something other than OEM specs with Subarus but this is possible under some circumstances such as when aftermarket wheels require different threads and pressures to be safe on the road. If you’re connecting up wheels from another brand to your Subaru then custom lug nuts sets may need to be sourced based off whatever specs were provided; however treading into unfamiliar waters here can be dangerous so consult with an expert before going any further!

In summary, understanding Subaru lug nut sizes is key for ensuring safe driving experience for all drivers and passengers of vehicle equipped with this iconic brand automobiles. It’s important to always go with OEM spec sizes unless told otherwise by professionals and research accordingly when replacing original parts – like wheels – can also unknowingly change both pressure requirements and suggested threading measurement settings necessary for full compatibility between parts themselves but also applicable road laws in whatever state / country you live in!

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