Types of Window Styles To Choose From

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Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your existing windows, there are many different window styles to choose from. Choosing the right style(s) can increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value.

You should also consider the type of glazing that will be installed as this also has a huge impact on value and appeal. For example, double glazing or triple glazing are the most popular options among window buyers.


The double-hung window is one of the most popular styles because it allows for increased air flow and ventilation. This is due to the fact that both the top and bottom window sashes can open, unlike single-hung windows which have only one movable sash.

Double-hung windows are also easier to clean as you can tilt the sashes inward, which is ideal for windows on upper floors or those hard to reach areas of your home. They also offer more privacy as the top sash can be closed while the lower sash remains open.


When you’re looking to get more window ventilation into your home, single-hung windows are the best choice. This style is simple, with a fixed upper sash and an operable bottom sash.

From a distance, these windows can look the same as double-hung windows. However, the one difference between the two styles is that double-hung windows have sashes that move up and down, while single-hung sashes remain stationary.

Single-hung windows are also great for older homes, as they offer a timeless look and can easily fit into most existing frames. However, when considering upgrading your windows to single-hungs in your historic home, be sure to consult a professional to ensure they’ll fit properly and are the right style for your home.

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Specialty Shaped

Many homes have windows that are not standard shapes, and this often leads to homeowners seeking unique window treatments. Fortunately, there are several options to make these windows fit in with your home’s aesthetic while providing light control and privacy.

For example, arch windows look beautiful on a gable wall and help bring the right amount of feng shui to a room. They can also provide a focal point in a room and let in tons of natural light.

Specialty shaped windows can even be fixed and non-operable, which is great for those tight spaces like in a stairway. They are a wonderful way to let in tons of natural sunlight while maintaining privacy.


Sliding windows, also called horizontal sliding windows, consist of panels within the window that slide side to side. These windows are available in two and three pane options. Two panes of glass are referred to as 2-Lite; three windows, 3-Lite.

Horizontal sliders offer a wide range of benefits, including easy operation, good ventilation, and a spacious look that can add balance to large rooms. Since they can open wider than single- or double-hung windows, they are ideal for low-ventilation areas such as basements and crawl spaces.

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