The Big Nut: A Symbol of Passion and Loyalty for Ohio State University Fans


How to Become a Big Nut OSU: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a die-hard Ohio State Buckeyes fan, then you know what it means to become a Big Nut. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a Big Nut is a superfan of the Buckeyes who dons a large foam nut on their head during games and events.

Becoming a Big Nut requires more than just wearing the iconic headgear, however. It’s about showing up to every event in support of your team and embodying the spirit and energy of OSU. So if you’re ready to take your fandom to the next level, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a Big Nut.

Step 1: Attend Every Event Possible
To be an ultimate Buckeye fan, you need to show up for every event- rallies, games-, contests hosted by OSU.
Attend every rally possible by joining groups or keep tabs of all happening events online so that will give plenty of opportunity be there for The Ohio State University during wins and disappointments. This will let one learn about all insider news updates as well as gain insight into upcoming events related to games competitions held by them.

Step 2: Know Everything About Your Team Despite Opposition
As weird as being aware of everything about your opposing party is but it’s vital when it comes down watching game with friends who go against your favorite team.

Memorize players’ names, statistics both hits-as-well stats which can come handy during any discussion or argument. Appreciate what they have achieved so far & also keep an eye-out things they are missing out on!

Step 3- Adorn Yourself Properly
The iconic foam nut hat has become synonymous with being an OSU Big Nut. These can be purchased from any major sporting goods store around Columbus.
It does stand other accessories like earrings soaked in red white & grey color combinations or patterned socks emblazoned with “O-H-I-O” or “Go Bucks!”

Step 4- Be An Engaged Fan!
During any event make yourself visible just as much there to celebrate great moments of the game. Every time your team makes a big play, don’t hesitate while jumping out of the seat and scream obnoxiously when opposing quarters end up making not-so-good passes.

Encouraging is important but along with that being vigilant & real-time commentary either humorous or supportive can add to our partners sharing this experience whether you at stadium or home watching on TV.

Step 5- KnoW Your Chants
Don’t look clueless during live games by not knowing what fellow fan sections are chanting.

Master these critical one-liners & perform them in perfect synchronisation with other fans:
Buckeye Battle Cry
Hang On Sloopy

Being an engaged and invested Buckeyes fan is a way of life. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your path towards becoming a Big Nut and embodying the spirit of OSU wherever you go!

Common FAQs About Being a Big Nut OSU Answered

As a Big Nut at Ohio State University, you may find yourself fielding quite a few questions from those unfamiliar with the traditions and rituals of this prestigious institution. From what it means to be a Big Nut to how to properly execute your signature Nut Toss, there are plenty of frequently asked questions that require thoughtful and informative answers. Here are some common FAQs about being a Big Nut OSU answered:

What is a Big Nut?
A Big Nut is a devoted fan of Ohio State University’s athletic teams who takes pride in their school spirit and represents the best qualities of the Buckeye community. As a member of the Big Nuts student organization, you get to attend games in style while sporting your infamous red shirt, suspenders, cowboy hat and oversized Buckeye necklace.

Do I need any special qualifications to become a Big Nut?
Absolutely not! All you need is an unbridled enthusiasm for OSU athletics (and maybe some willingness to brave cold weather). The only requirement is that you have attended at least one football game as a student before becoming eligible for membership.

What’s up with the Nut Toss? Is it really necessary?
The Nut Toss has become an iconic tradition among OSU students and fans alike. It not only symbolizes the unity among all Buckeyes but also functions as an offensive maneuver against opposing teams (it’s hard to play well when nuts are raining down on your players). So yes – it’s absolutely necessary!

How do I execute the perfect Nut Toss?
Firstly, make sure you have plenty of peanuts on hand. Then, when prompted by either Brutus or another member of the cheerleading squad, toss your nuts high into the air while shouting “O-H”. Catch them with both hands and snap them together over your head while yelling “I-O”. Repeat this process until you run out of peanuts or lose your voice (whichever comes first).

Are there any other rituals I should know about as a Big Nut?
Yes, plenty! From singing Carmen Ohio at the end of football games to playing Hang on Sloopy to strutting in public while shouting “O-H!” and receiving a “I-O!” in response, there are countless traditions that capture the essence of what it means to be a Buckeye.

As a Big Nut OSU, you serve as an ambassador for your school and embody the tenets of hard work, dedication, and achieving greatness. So go out there and continue making your fellow Buckeyes proud!

The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Big Nut OSU

Ohio State University is a powerhouse of college football, and one name that rings out in the Buckeye faithful’s ears is none other than Big Nut. Big Nut, also known as Jeff Rapp, has become a staple feature of Ohio State University football games, and his unyielding support for the team has captured the hearts of millions of fans across the country.

But who exactly is this legend? And what are some interesting facts about him that many people don’t know? In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into Big Nut OSU and uncover some interesting facts about this enigmatic figure.

1. The Birth of Big Nut

Big Nut did not arise from thin air. He was born when Jeff Rapp arrived at an Ohio State football game dressed in full nut gear with a buckeye helmet and silver face paint. This getup stood out amid thousands packed into Ohio Stadium’s north stands. Hence he garnered massive attention, so much so that nobody could describe him using any other name but “the guy with a big nut.” The name stuck permanently!

2. A Diehard Fan Through and Through

Ohio weather can be very daunting at times but never to Jeff! Come rain or shine or even snowing like crazy — he remains unwaveringly devoted to his team. When it’s freezing outside during winter games, you’ll still find him sporting his iconic Silver foil full-body suit from head-to-toe regardless of how numbing the cold may be; now talk about fandom dedication!

3. An Iconic figure in College Football

Over time Big Nut has become an iconic figure within college football fan culture! He is known for leading cheers with fans decked in his signature red poncho during on-field celebrations after touchdowns or victories over opponents.

His fame spreads far beyond just being limited to Buckeye Nation because even if fans from rival schools disagree on anything else – they unanimously recognize Big Nut as one of Ohio State University’s most iconic household names.

4. Big Nut has his own Logo

Big Nut is an official brand, and given that he led the cheers and inspired fans at a level beyond imaginable, it’s only natural to expect that he too has his logo. The logo is creative; it features Big Nut with a cap emblazoned with the letter N, which mimics the Ohio State traditional block ‘O.’

5. He’s More Than Just A Spectator

Jeff Rapp (aka Big Nut) went above and beyond what most college football enthusiasts do by actually participating in yearly fundraising efforts for different children’s charities around Ohio. His celebrity nature combined with his goodwill makes him an immediate choice as a charity funds raiser target!

In summary, this legendary Buckeyes superfan known as Big Nut OSU is more than just someone who shows up during games, leads cheering sessions or gets into character dressed in team spirit attires! Jeff Rapp aka big nut OSU has become one of the most iconic figures in sports history — cementing his place not just as a fan but also actively giving back to communities at large through charity work. Here’s hoping to see more of him and his exuberant passion for college football games!

Insider Tips for Making the Most of Your Time as a Big Nut OSU

Whether you’re a current student, alumni, or simply a die-hard fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, there’s no denying the fact that being an OSU big nut is truly something special. From attending home games at Ohio Stadium to cheering your heart out during rivalry games against the likes of Michigan and Penn State, being a Buckeye enthusiast can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

However, with so many events and activities surrounding Ohio State University’s athletic programs throughout the year, it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to making the most of your time as a big nut. That’s why we’ve put together these insider tips for getting involved and creating unforgettable memories:

1. Invest in Quality Gear
Everyone knows that one of the best ways to show off your Buckeye pride is by sporting some iconic scarlet and gray gear. When it comes to picking out apparel and accessories that really showcase your love for all things OSU, quality is key – after all, you want gear that will last through countless game days.

If you’re looking for high-quality merchandise that won’t break the bank, we recommend checking out popular vendors like Fanatics or Rally House. Invest in classic pieces like hoodies and jerseys, as well as more unique finds like branded drinkware or car decals.

2. Attend Tailgates
One of the most exciting parts about any big college football game is undoubtedly tailgating before kickoff. Not only do tailgates offer ample opportunity to catch up with friends both old and new but they also set the tone for what’s sure to be an electrifying day full of cheering on beloved Buckeyes.

When attending tailgates as a big nut, remember that preparation is key: pack plenty of snacks (and drinks!) ahead of time so you don’t have to rely on overpriced stadium fare later on in the day.

Whether you join organized student groups or strike out on your own, be sure to spread the Buckeye love and connect with other fans whenever possible.

3. Take Advantage of App-based Opportunities
Modern technology has certainly made it easier than ever to stay connected and find out about opportunities surrounding OSU athletics. In particular, apps like Stubhub or SeatGeek can be incredibly useful for finding reasonably-priced tickets last minute.

In some cases, you might even be able to snag student-only discounts by using apps associated with Ohio State itself: for instance, the Athletics home page features detailed information on current promotions as well as direct links to partners like Student Beans who offer exclusive deals for college students.

4. Join a Fandom Community
Another great way to get involved and meet fellow big nuts is by joining an established fandom group (or starting one yourself!). Groups like the Ohio State Alumni Association or the Block “O” club provide ample opportunity for networking and building relationships that go beyond sports fandom – plus they often host special events or offer access to behind-the-scenes experiences.

Keep in mind that these groups tend to attract a broad range of ages and interests, so don’t hesitate to initiate conversations with fellow members regardless of background or status.

5. Make Bucket List Memories
Finally, remember that being an OSU big nut ultimately comes down to creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you splurge on once-in-a-lifetime experiences like field passes during game day or simply make an effort to attend every home game throughout your time at Ohio State, focus on prioritizing experiences that truly speak to your inner fandom.

Check off iconic experiences like crossing Mirror Lake during Beat *ichigan week, attempting Carmen Ohio hand motions at every tailgate party (even if you’re not totally sure what they mean!), or attending away games both near and far from Columbus.

In short: being a big nut means embracing all aspects of what it means to be part of the proud Buckeye family. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating memories that will last a lifetime – and who knows, you may even inspire others to become big nuts themselves!

The History and Evolution of the Big Nut Phenomenon at Ohio State University

Ohio State University has a long and storied history of producing some of the best college football teams in the country. For over a century, Buckeye fans have watched their cherished team dominate the field and bring home numerous championships. But there is more to Ohio State football than just winning games – it’s also about tradition, passion, and school spirit. One such tradition that has become ingrained in Buckeye culture is the Big Nut phenomenon.

The Big Nut first appeared at Ohio State during the 2003 season when a dedicated fan named R.J. Kern started wearing his oversized Buckeye nut helmet to game-day tailgates. The helmet was a hit with fellow tailgaters who welcomed Kern’s enthusiasm and dedication to the beloved team.

As word spread, other fans began bringing their own nut-themed props to games, including giant foam nuts attached to hats or poles, and even full-size plastic Buckeyes fanatics donned as costumes complete with face paint and “nutty” accessories like giant sunglasses or oversized buck teeth.

By 2005, the Big Nut phenomenon had reached fever pitch when hundreds of fans began appearing at Ohio Stadium dressed head-to-toe in their nuttiest finery. They called themselves “the NUTS,” an acronym for Never Underestimate Traditional Spirit.

The popularity of the Big Nut only grew from there as trademarks were filed for various iterations of large-sized decorative nuts used by Ohio State fans during games. Companies cashed-in on this new trend by creating different versions of the nutty accessory which made them available online so that fans could purchase them as part of their game-day attire.

The tradition didn’t stop with just accessories either – students have taken things one step further by crafting massive wooden peanut sculptures complete with painted-on eyes that are positioned around campus before important games. These enormous peanuts serve as good-luck talismans, rally cries and symbols of overwhelming school pride — an unmistakable signal to opponents that Ohio State fans will do whatever it takes to secure their team’s victory.

With its deep roots in Buckeye tradition, Ohio State’s Big Nut movement stands as an example of how passionate, creative and irreverent fandom can build bridges between people from all walks of life. Regardless of your affiliation or fandom, we cannot help but admire this quirky side beloved by Buckeye fanatics who leave no stone unturned when it comes to cheering on OSU! So here’s to the Big Nuts – long may you wave!

Why Being a Big Nut OSU Can Be an Unforgettable Experience for Fans

Being a fan of the Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes isn’t just about watching a football game or rooting for your favorite team. It’s about being part of an unforgettable experience that connects you to something larger than yourself – a community of passionate and dedicated fans who share your love for OSU and all it stands for.

So, why is being a big nut OSU fan such an unforgettable experience? Let’s dive into some reasons:

1. The history

OSU has a rich history that dates back over 150 years. From its humble beginnings as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College to its current status as one of the largest universities in the United States, OSU has played an important role in shaping the academic and cultural landscape of Ohio and beyond.

As a fan, you get to be part of that history. You get to cheer on the same team that Woody Hayes coached to multiple national championships. You get to sing “Carmen Ohio” with thousands of other fans after every victory. And you get to feel like you’re part of something special.

2. The traditions

Speaking of “Carmen Ohio,” OSU is full of traditions that make being a fan so much fun. From the pre-game Skull Session at St. John Arena to Script Ohio on the field, every moment is steeped in tradition and nostalgia.

Even if you’re not from Ohio or went to OSU, these traditions make it easy to feel like you belong. They give you something to hold onto when times are tough (like when we lose to Michigan) and allow you to celebrate when things go well.

3. The rivalries

Ah yes, Michigan week – arguably one of the most exciting weeks of the year for OSU fans. Rivalries are what make college sports so thrilling, and OSU has some great ones (Michigan, Penn State, etc.)

No matter how good or bad either team is that year, the game always feels electric. Being part of a rivalry like this brings out the best (and sometimes worst) in fans, and can create lifelong memories.

4. The passion

The passion that OSU fans have for their team is unmatched. Whether it’s lining up for hours to get into a game or painting your face scarlet and gray, being an OSU fan means you’re all in.

There’s something special about being around other people who share that same level of passion and dedication. It creates a sense of community and belonging that’s hard to find anywhere else.

In conclusion, being a big nut OSU fan is more than just rooting for your favorite sports team – it’s about being part of something larger and more meaningful. It’s about history, traditions, rivalries, passion, and so much more. So if you’re not already an OSU fan, give it a try – you might just find that it’s an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss!

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