Revel in the Deliciousness of Harry and David Nuts


What are Harry and David Nuts?

Harry and David nuts are gourmet nut varieties that provide quality snacks for health-conscious snackers. They are roasted, glazed and highly flavored with a unique taste profile that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding palate. These specialty nut selections come in mixed gift sets that make an excellent gift or fantastic addition to any party’s snack tray. Their delicious varieties range from cashews and pistachios to macadamia nuts and almond clusters, ensuring there’s something for everyone no matter their preference.

The experts at Harry & David hand-select each nut variety before they’re ready to be packaged and shipped, so you can trust in their quality. Enjoy your favorite recipe creations with the added flavor of sweetness from the honey-glazed pistachios paired neatly alongside salty almonds with sea salt – these delightful treats are perfect for impromptu get-togethers or special occasions like birthdays, holidays or as an addition to tins of cookies or charcuterie boards. Plus, these healthy snacks are gluten-free, vegan friendly and kosher certified for those with dietary concerns.

Harry & David nuts offer a satisfying snack full of crunchy texture and flavorsome ingredients precisely balanced for an intense yet enjoyable experience each time you indulge. For all your snacking needs look no further than Harry & David’s premium selection of gourmet options!

How to Choose the Perfect Nut Selection From Harry and David

When it comes to choosing the perfect nut selection from Harry and David, you want to make sure you choose a variety that will please everyone in your party. After all, when you’re serving guests with different dietary restrictions or preferences, finding something that everyone can enjoy can be difficult. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect nut selection for your next gathering:

1. Variety is key – The best way to please everyone in attendance is by providing a wide range of nuts. At Harry and David, you’ll find delicious selections like almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts—so something for practically any taste! Not only will this help ensure that each person gets their favorite kind of nut but having several varieties also provides color and textural diversity on your platter or cheeseboard.

2. Think outside the box – Sometimes it’s worthwhile to go beyond traditional nut choices. Many of Harry and David’s offerings include bells, tusks and stars made up of various types of nuts, giving you an even broader spectrum of tastes (and shapes). These not only look beautiful presented together but they also contain flavors distinct from ordinary single-nut snacks!

3. Seasonal favorites – Nuts/nuts stored in limited edition seasonal wrappings often make special gifts as well as interesting appetizers for events all year round! For example at Christmas time there are wrapped quality chocolates adorned with festive holiday prints or unique combinations such as dark chocolate/dried cranberry pieces squished into red and green snowman shapes; whilst Thanksgiving might offer whitened almonds lightly flavoured after pumpkin spices or smooth vanilla-rich pecans deeply coated in warmly spiced caramel glaze…just perfect served alongside creamy Brie cheese on a cheese board! We won’t forget about other holidays either – think walnuts sprinkled with smoky chipotle infused salt around Easter or hazelnut ‘love hearts’ crammed with ripe strawberries & cream during summer months; surefire hits when partnered alongside more seasonal dishes!

4. Nut counts per person – Depending on how many people are attending your gathering pays off keeping track of who likes what type when purchasing Harry and David’s nut selection packs/boxes so you know how much quantity to purchase without ending up with too much leftover food; if correctly catered both waste AND nutrition should not be an issue here!

By following these steps outlined above you’ll be able to select the ideal assortment of nuts from Harry and Davis which will help make your next event truly memorable one! So don’t be afraid– let your inner creativity run free while selecting various different combination types presented by them today… Bon Appétit friends!!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Nutty Treats From Harry and David


Are you ready to indulge in a delectable treat of crunchy hazelnuts and creamy chocolate? If you love combining sweet and savory flavors, then look no further. Harry & David presents a step-by-step guide to nutty treats that will tantalize your taste buds. We’ll take you through the simple process of creating a variety of nut confections made with quality ingredients. So grab some hazelnuts, melt some dark or white chocolate and let’s get started!

Step One: Create Your Nut Base: Hazelberries

Before we can begin making sweet and savory treats, we must create our base. The genius behind Harry & David recipes is simple yet powerful – using dried fruits as the backbone for indulgent nut creations. Start by placing 2 cups of pitted dates in a bowl with 1/2 cup water. Let it sit overnight so the water completely absorbs into the dates. Pulse all of this in a blender to break it down further; nuts are best when finely chopped. Finally, mix in one cup roasted hazelnuts until all pieces are about the same size (1/4-inch pieces). This is the versatile foundation for your creation – congratulations!

Step Two: Time To Get Creative – Flavoring Options

Now that you have your nut base prepared, it’s time to get creative! The possibilities are just about endless here; these delightful little bites can be flavored with all sorts of ingredients to make them uniquely delicious, whether they’re light or dark in color or salty or sweet in flavor profile. Here are some ideas to consider adding: coconut flakes, shredded white chocolate, cocoa nibs, smooth peanut butter , sesame seeds , flaky sea salt…you get the idea! Most importantly though, don’t forget the finishing touches like lemon zest for tanginess or rosemary for freshness – these components really bring out additional unique flavors.

Step Three: Prepare Your Chocolate Coating

The key ingredient in any good treat recipe is chocolate! Whether you choose white chocolate fans or rich dark chocolate lovers , Harry & David has an array of options perfect Find whatever type that suits your preference best at Harry & Dave’s online store . Melt it down according to package instructions (using either a double boiler method or microwave works just fine) , ensuring that there are no lumps left over once melted . Be sure not to overheat as this affects flavor tremendously! Once melted , whisk in about 1 teaspoon vegetable oil per 6 ounces of chopped chocolate coating; this helps thin out the mixture and makes it easier to work with . You now have yourself your very own homemade nutrient coating ! Let’s move on…

Step Four : Putting It All Together

Now here comes what we’ve been waiting for – combining everything together into mouthwatering creations ! Start off by lightly coating each bite sized piece from step two into melted chocolate ; using two forks here is incredibly helpful if handling large amounts at once . After letting them cool down on parchment paper lined baking trayrs allow plenty air movement around them brush each piece lightly with ground nuts such as almond slivers hickly roasted sesame seeda etc Push ingredients towards center before allowing everything temperature common room and voila ! Nutty treats from Harry & Davids serviced up and ready enjoy Expert tip : wrapping each bundles individually can help retain moisture more effectively

FAQs About Shopping for Nuts From Harry and David

What are the different types of nuts that Harry and David carry?

Harry and David carries a variety of nut types, including walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts and pecans. Most of these types come in both salted and unsalted varieties. We also have nut-based snacks such as kettle corn made with peanuts or roasted almonds with sea salt.

What sizes are available from Harry and David?

Our nuts come in multiple sizes: 4 oz bags up to larger 1 lb packages. Essential Kettle Corn is available in an 8 oz package; Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt can be purchased in 8 oz resealable bags for ultimate convenience when snacking on the go.

Does Harry and David have organic nut options?

Yes! At Harry and David we are committed to quality products so we offer several organic nut options. Our organic raw walnuts make a great addition to your favorite recipes or yogurt bowl while our Organic Superfood Trail Mix makes it easy to get your daily dose of vitamins with dried figs and sunflower seeds along with other nutrient packed mix-ins like pumpkin seeds and almonds.

Are Harry and David nuts fresh?

Yes! All of our nuts are full of freshness thanks to our advanced cold storage process which ensures top level flavor retention within each nut type. This results in a consistently delicious snack no matter what size you choose!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Delicious Variety of Harry and David Nuts

1. There is something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a special gift or stocking up on a snack, Harry and David has a delicious selection of nuts that are sure to satisfy any craving. Choose from sweet and spicy walnuts, tangy and salty almonds, creamy cashews, buttery pecans, flavorful pistachios, and more.

2. It’s not about quantity – it’s quality. All of Harry and David’s nuts are sustainably grown without GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in U.S.-based facilities that employ sustainable practices like water efficiency and renewable energy sources whenever possible.

3. Not just plain nuts: Every nut variety from Harry & David is roasted to enhance flavor, creating the perfect mix of crunchy textures plus an even more inviting variety of flavors than ever before! Enjoy your favorite nut topped with Mediterranean sea salt or jalapeno & lime flavoring… guaranteed to be deliciously unforgettable!

4. Last but not least… Snack on guilt-free with these healthful I snack favorites! From vegan-friendly options like spicy raw almonds to sugar-coated delights such as pumpkin spice candied pecans; all Harry & David nuts honor our commitment to providing good-for-you ingredients that taste good too – no matter your personal dietary preferences!

5. For your convenience: You can purchase Harry & David Nuts online through their website or directly in store near you! Promotion items change seasonally to provide new snacks available for all occasions; so check back in often for updates about the latest goodies available for purchase year round!

Tips For Enjoying Every Last Bite of Your Harry and David Nutty Goodness

1. Take your sweet time to savor the flavor: With all of the delicious choices available from Harry and David, sometimes it’s tempting to try to chow down on everything—but don’t! Make sure you take your time to truly appreciate the mix of salty, sweet and crunchy flavors that make up their signature nutty goodness.

2. Start or end your day with a bite: A perfect reminder of how wonderful life can be is a bite to start or finish your day. Whether it is part of breakfast as part of grab-and-go snack as you run out the door—grab some nutty goodness and brighten your morning/evening in one simple spoonful.

3. Mix and match varieties: Let’s face it, eating one type over and over again can quickly get boring after a few days. Isn’t variety is the spice of life? Take full advantage of Harry and David’s diverse flavor selection by combining different styles for a more unique tasting experience every single time!

4. Get creative in your munching methods: Nutty goodness isn’t exclusively meant for snacking between meals; try sprinkling them into salads for an extra crunch, using them as decorations on cakes or cupcakes, adding them into cheese spreads for an elevated twist, if you’re feeling particularly fancy combine them with salsa, honey and goat cheese… just let your culinary imagination soar!

5. Share the love: You won’t want to eat alone! Spread that nutty goodness around by sharing with family, friends or colleagues so everyone can join in on devouring these delicacies together! Not only is it thoughtful but it also helps control portion sizes so there will be some left overs for later 😉

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